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DEVPORT is a network of researchers working on maritime and port-related issues, as well as the terrestrial impacts of these activities

Cartes et Téléchargements

Mapping is an ideal tool to report scales interferences, relationships and interactions between the mainstream of the global circulation of goods and the territorial organizations like gateways to the global economy mainland. There are many terms in the literature to designate areas of interest like port clusters, logistics corridors, maritime region or regional port system. Research’s DEVPORT members are based on these representations that are proposed here at various stages of development, from the thematic analysis map until more sophisticated representations which calls for data mining and advanced statistical techniques. Are added flow charts and graphics that reflect changing phenomena’s, temporal or not, which come into resonance with the areas studied: breaks, trends, cycles, diffusion.

This website is not an atlas but a mapping workshop; cards issued are not standardized but are presented according to the standards of each publication. Some are Working Paper that have not yet been published but which illustrate a step in scientific demonstration.

You can query the map library by selecting one or more criteria in the drop-down menus or foraging from the thumbnails that appear below. Maps and comments are downloadable in PDF and JPEG format. They can be used in a non-commercial context, subject to mentioning the name of the author, the editor and publication date.

These documents are also intended to stimulate discussion and questions; you can do that by contacting us at projet.devport@univ-lehavre.fr

Modèle diachronique à quatre phases de développement d'un réseau situé dans un pays "sous-développé"

Le triangle de Weber appliqué à la localisation des entrepôts de la grande distribution

Produit intérieur brut par habitant (2010) et trafic des ports (2011)

Accès à la richesse en mode routier à partir des ports du nord-ouest Européen

Trafic conteneurisé et richesse accessible en dix heures

Trafic conteneurs en Baltique en 2011

Un espace en reconversion

Les liaisons ro-ro en 2011

Les lignes ro-pax du golfe de Finlande en 2011

Les lignes Ro-pax de l'Øresund

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